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where it can be a fun, yet scary place to visit. This is the exact spot on the internet where numerous psychoses intersect with decades of experience, a passion for helping, utter futility, and a few hallucinations to boot. While this locale often brings elucidation to important topics and world events, it also is host to complete nonsense. The good news is, that nonsense is often served with ice cream and popcorn! Enjoy the topics, but don't get dragged down into the rabbit hole - it's more difficult to get out than you'd think.

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  • Different systems and their impacts

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  • The human impacts of world events

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Explore and discuss with host Josh Purse the ways in which we arrived at this society-destroying state of affairs. From malintended systems to shortsightedness to plain old greed, let's take an evidenced examination of various systems and how they affect the individual. Perhaps you are still in denial about out short future. Or, maybe you too see the writing on the wall. Whichever the case, That's Not How It Works attempts to add a scientific and evidenced explanation to how we got here. For some, this is simply a cathartic show. For others, it may be a supplemental education. But I suspect most will find this show to be a futilistic view of humanity, which means they still don't understand, or even refuse to understand that That's Not How It Works!


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